At KUNOKA, our vision is to create long-lasting relationships between our shoes and their owners. An important element is to take extra care of your KUNOKA’s by cleaning, protecting and carefully maintaining them.Here we share tips on how to make your pieces last longer and explore our selection of shoe care products.


Your KUNOKA's are made for maintaining longer than only one season. It is important to take care of your shoes in order for them to stay in the best shape. Here we share some tips and tricks for you. 

Use your dust bag 

Excessive dust can lead to the loss of the natural shoe color and make them look old. When not wearing your shoes, keep them away from dust by using your KUNOKA dust bag. This also protect them against direct sunlight which leads to loss of color.

Give them some rest

It is never advisable to wear the same pair of shoes regularly. Alternate them often enough.

Clean regularly

Don't give dirt a chance to settle in your shoes and clean them often enough. Use our white sole cleaner to make your soles shiny white again and clean the leather of your shoes with the leather cleaner. 

Don't use plastic shoe boxes

Soles need proper air circulation and therefore, plastic or even cardboard shoe boxes are never good for them. Use your KUNOKA dust bags that are made of breathable fabric to store shoes and let easy and efficient air circulation.



To remove the dirt on the suede part of your shoes, use our shoe brush to remove the dirt and brighten up to fabric. If necessary - but only with very stubborn stains - you can use some suede detergent. 


It is very important to clean your leather shoes regularly in order to protect them the best. Use the KUNOKA leather cleaner, which removes stains and moisturizes the leather in order to keep them the longest. Keep your leather shoes out of direct sunlight to keep them from drying out and losing their colors. 


Use our KUNOKA shoe brush to remove the dirt from your shoe - make sure your shoe is dry before doing this. Clean your mesh with water and soap and leave to air-dry. Cleaning the mesh regularly prevents the dirt to settle into the mesh. 

WARNING: do NOT run your shoes in the washing machine.