Back in 2017, on a trip to NY, in between 2 appointments, I was taking a rest on a bench in Central Park, checking my emails on my phone.  A lady came by and sat next to me on the bench. Few moments later, she initiated the conversation with a nice complement on my sneakers.  When she asked which brand it was and where I bought them, I had to tell her that my shoes had no brand, and that she could not buy them anywhere, because I just made them for myself...I quickly found out that she had been working in fashion for more then 20 years... she tried to convince me to commercialize my design and launch my own sneaker brand... her name 'Gabrielle KUNOKA'...we kept on talking for almost an hour...I was late for my next appointment... but this is where and how KUNOKA was born

I wear my KUNOKA's every day and I hope you enjoy your KUNOKA's as much as I do.

A wayward brand (awwb) for wayward women

KUNOKA is a Belgian fashion designer brand that features creative design, luxurious materials, unexpected textures and fabulous color combinations.

KUNOKA shoes are highly fashionable, but designed for unmatched comfort. Each shoe comes with an extra thick, leather covered memory foam insole you will definitely enjoy.

KUNOKA sneakers are handmade in a sustainable way by Portuguese craftsmen fiercely dedicated to quality and using sustainable materials only...”

My name is Evelyne Van der Looven and it's a real pleasure to e-meet you

As a hyper active, fashion loving and frequent travelling woman, I could not be more then happy with the current sneaker trend. Aren’t we all liberated, not feeling obliged anymore to wear heels to be trendy and feminine or to fit into a professional environment? No longer having to take the shortest way home nor having to stop dancing because our feet hurt!

And still, I felt frustrated because most of the sneakers out there look like the sport shoes of my kids, and are of very lousy quality. I could hardly find a fashionable sneaker, made by European quality standards and truly comfortable at the same time. I tried different high end designer brands, but nowhere in line with my value expectations.

Being active in the fashion business for so many years, I felt the need to create my own sneaker line: high fashion, creative design, unexpected color and material combinations, ultra comfortable with a strong focus on sustainable materials and production... that’s why I created KUNOKA !

I wear my KUNOKA’s every day, and I hope you enjoy your KUNOKA’s as much as I do