Wayward Shoes

For Wayward Women


Wayward Shoes

For Wayward Women

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Kunoka Ari - cheetah Sneaker brown
Kunoka Ari - cream Sneaker beige

A piece of art

A Kunoka shoe is a form of art characterized by self-expression and inclusiveness of our creator-artist. Each shoe is handmade, one by one, by local craftsman in our family-run factory...


Walking on clouds


Buttery soft calfskin leather, removable memory foam insole topped with calfskin leather and extensive padding in the tongue and heel make you walk on clouds ...   



Responsible fashion

Production in Europe guarantees 100% ethical production and avoids the massive pollution of overseas transport. All our leathers are chromium-free sourced from local tanners meeting the highest environment protection standards...

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Iconic Classics

 Plateau Sneakers


 Dad Sneakers


    • STORY
    • BRAND

    "Back in 2017, on a trip to NY, in between 2 appointments, I was taking a rest on a bench in Central Park, checking my emails on my phone.  A lady came by and sat next to me on the bench. Few moments later, she initiated the conversation with a nice complement on my sneakers.  When she asked which brand it was and where I bought them, I had to tell her that my shoes had no brand, and that she could not buy them anywhere, because I just made them for myself...I quickly found out that she had been working in fashion for more then 20 years... she tried to convince me to commercialize my design and launch my own shoe brand... her name 'Gabrielle KUNOKA'...we kept on talking for almost an hour...I was late for my next appointment... but this is where and how KUNOKA was born..."

    A Wayward Brand

    • Wayward by design:  Casual chic with a twist. Surprising combinations of colors, materials and textures for women with a personality. 

    • Wayward by philosophy: Not a new collection every season, but ad hoc releases of new creations over the course of the year. Each new release is a piece of art, crafted with the best leathers, by the best craftsmen, and made to last. 

    • Wayward by values: In a world that is flooded with fast and cheap fashion, produced in Asia or South America, Kunoka goes for European craftsmanship and sustainable production.  Today, people buy shoes for a couple of euros, often made of plastic, wear it a few weeks or months and throw it away to buy new ones. And yes there is also the luxury fashion.  They do use premium materials, but the price you pay is totally disproportional to the value you get.  Luxury fashion brands make obscene margins on the back of the consumer.  But for the people paying these prices it is the ultimate proof that they belong to the club that can afford it. And it does not matter that all the other people of that select club wear the same brands.   At Kunoka we have different values.  Each shoe is a piece of art, made of the best materials in Europe.  We honor the craftsmen who made them and we swear by sustainability. This comes at a price, but in line with the value you get. We encourage people to buy fewer and better quality shoes that reflect their personality, and to look after their shoes for years. 

    The designer and founder, Evelyne Van der Looven, is a mother of 3 boys, a reserved business woman during the day and an outward friend at night.  A personality of contrasts. After having been active in the fashion industry for so many years, she launched her own project following her unsatisfied quest for shoes that were well made, flattering and different.  Passionate about surprising color combinations, authentic materials and unexpected textures, she calls her creations an artistic encounter of creativity and craftsmanship.  She is a personality with contrasts, which you can find back in her designs: casual chic with a twist...


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