The removable insole is produced from memory foam that fully adapts to your foot. At the same time, this removable sole provides support where needed. Should you, as a man, need support soles, the sneaker from Kunoka is the ideal solution precisely because you can remove the insole. The combination of style and comfort that Kunoka stands for thus creates the ideal solution for orthotics in sneakers.


This sneaker is tough yet classy and cool. Available in fun colour combinations for every occasion. If you like to wear them sporty, they look perfect under jeans. The ARI platform sneaker also looks great under stylish fabric trousers. The sneakers add cachet to your silhouette. The classic colour choice of different shades of blue, khaki and grey in a stylish sneaker, complement any look. This shoe is a must have for every man.

Izzi Platform Sneaker for men

Our popular IZZI platform sneaker in the men's collection gives your silhouette style and class. With unusual colour combinations like blue and bordeaux, these sneakers are instant happiness on your feet. These sneakers are comfortable due to the ultra-light yet thick and modern sole. All our IZZI platform sneakers have a lightweight sole that is hard-wearing and a good contrefort for correct posture. With the removable sole, this sneaker is suitable for men with wider feet.


We deliberately make our shoes in Europe to avoid the heavy ecological footprint of overseas transport. The 100% chrome-free leather we use comes from Italian and Spanish tanners who adhere to the world's strictest environmental protection standards, imposed by the Leather Working Group.

The soft calfskin from which our shoes are handmade was originally a by-product of the meat industry. The leather from that industry is recycled and used to make our shoes. Thus, we do not create additional waste but rather reduce it by (re)using the leather. Our method of production is ecologically justifiable precisely because leather is biodegradable, unlike vegan alternatives that often use plastic for production.

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