Ankle boots with an in-house design

At Kunoka, we design every ankle boot with care for comfort and attention to detail. Our quirky designs are aimed at women with personality, women who dare to think out of the box in a way that sets them apart from others.

Evelyne, founder of Kunoka, always opts for luxurious design combined with comfort when she sits down at the drawing board of, for example, a new ankle boot, sandal or trainer. A creative mind makes for unique designs. She constantly keeps designing new shoes with an eye for durability, comfort, high level finishing and, above all, exclusivity.

We deliberately choose surprising colours alongside the more common colours precisely because they are distinctive. Our premium leather materials such as our 100% chromium-free calfskin leather offer a host of options in terms of design and comfort. So our ankle boot is a unique design whether you choose an ankle boot with a conical heel or a sturdy heel.


Sustainable design and production is very important to us at Kunoka. Every design of any kind of shoe is developed and produced sustainably. We keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. For example, we limit transport as much as possible. All shoes are handmade crafted in Portugal using biodegradable leather. The chrome-free soft calfskin leather we use comes as a by-product of the meat industry. This is the most sustainable way to make leather shoes.

Ankle boot Alixe & Roxanne

The ALIXE ankle boot is an elegant boot handmade from exclusive materials. It has a memory foam insole for extra comfort at the heel. This sole is not removable precisely because the shoe runs so comfortably, even with an 8-centimetre heel. These booties look very elegant under a skirt or neat trousers. They add style to your selected outfit.

The ankle boot ROXANNE is a more sturdy boot. It belongs to the winter boots category because the sole is a real outsole. It is a thermoplastics rubber sole that is very flexible and has a firm grip. This ankle boot is ideal for outdoors because of its abrasion resistance. The oversized sole adds spice to your outfit. These shoes fit perfectly under jeans or a long dress, for example. Check out our lookbook for more creations.

Ankle boot and production

All shoes, including the ankle boots, are produced by a family business in Portugal. It goes without saying that all shoes are handmade. This allows us to create exclusivity and offer a perfect finish. The materials we use, such as 100% chrome-free calf leather, come from the best and most sustainable Italian and Spanish tanners. From design to production and style to comfort, sustainability is woven into every step of the process.

Kunoka ankle boots equals unique design.

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