Have you also been wondering where and how your KUNOKA's are made? Pack your suitcases and fasten your seatbelts. We are taking you on a trip to our family-owned atelier in Portugal. Our craftsmen work with a lot of passion on your KUNOKA's, using the finest materials. Let's have a look backstage ! 

A piece of art

Kunoka is not just another sneaker, it's a form of art, characterized by the self-expression and inclusiveness of our designer. She is a crazy creative mind re-known for experimenting with premium natural materials, surprising color combinations and unexpected textures. She pushes creativity, uniqueness and diversity in all aspects of the design process. 

The uniqueness of Kunoka's design is accentuated by the details, the choice of materials and the level of finishing.  Kunoka is not a brand for everybody.  It's a wayward brand for wayward women. If we had to explain, you wouldn't understand...

The finest materials

We only use premium materials and chromium-free leathers, sourced from the best Italian and Spanish tanners, meeting the highest European environmental protection standards.  This comes at a price, but we are willing to pay this price because we truly care about our planet.

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30 different components

Each Kunoka sneaker is a unique piece composed of 30 parts, of which 24 are pieces of leather manually cut out of our carefully selected hides in our factory



Each one of our sneakers is hand-stitched for maximal comfort.  They are crafted one by one by local craftsman in our family-run factory in Portugal.  No mass-production, no large batches...

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