Shoe care tips & tricks

Your KUNOKA's are made to last longer than one season. It is important to maintain your shoes properly to keep them in the best shape. Here we share some tips and tricks:

Use your dust bag

Excessive dust can cause shoes to lose their natural color and make them look old. When not wearing your shoes, keep them away from dust by using your KUNOKA dust bag. This also protects them from direct sunlight that leads to color loss.

Give them some rest

It is never advisable to wear the same pair of shoes regularly. Alternate them often enough.

Clean regularly

Don't give dirt a chance to settle in your shoes and clean them often enough. Use our white sole cleaner to make your soles shiny white again and clean the leather of your shoes with leather cleaner.

Important! When cleaning the sole of your shoe or trainer, use a soft cloth or sponge. Definitely don't use a brush or anything you can scrub with because you will make small scratches in the sole where dirt can adhere.

Do not use plastic shoe boxes

Soles need good air circulation, which is why plastic or even cardboard shoe boxes are never good for them. Use your KUNOKA dust bags made of breathable fabric to store shoes and allow easy and efficient air circulation.

Cleaning stubborn stains


Use our shoe brush to remove dirt on the suede part of your shoes and brighten the fabric. If necessary - but only for very stubborn stains - you can use some suede cleaner.


It is very important to clean leather shoes regularly to best protect them. Use KUNOKA leather cleaner that removes stains and moisturizes the leather to keep them beautiful for as long as possible this way. Keep leather shoes out of direct sunlight to prevent them from drying out and losing their color.


Use our KUNOKA shoe brush to remove dirt from your shoe. Make sure the shoe is dry before doing this. Clean the mesh with soap and water and let it air dry. Regular cleaning will prevent dirt from sticking to the mesh.

WARNING: DO NOT put your shoes in the washing machine.

Products for shoe care

Shoe care Kunoka Leather Package

The perfect package to clean, protect and carefully maintain calf leather KUNOKA’s. This will keep your favorite shoes in the best condition.
This KUNOKA care package contains:

  • leather cleaner 100ml
  • a KUNOKA brush
  • a cleaning cloth

Shoe care Kunoka sole care package

This package perfectly maintains the soles of your KUNOKAs. The white sole cleaner cleans, protects and maintains the sole of your favorite shoe.

This KUNOKA care pack contains:

  • white sole cleaner 100ml
  • a KUNOKA brush
  • a cleaning cloth

Shoe Care Kunoka Complete Pack

This is a package that fully cares for, cleans and protects your shoe. This package contains both the white sole cleaner and the leather cleaner. With the KUNOKA brush and the included cleaning cloth, you will keep your favorite shoes as good as new.

The white sole cleaner

This shoe care product consists of a unique white sole cleaner. Do you have trainers with white soles and like to keep them white? Then clean your shoes with this special white sole cleaner. It restores shine and gives long-term protection. Ideal for removing stubborn stains.

The leather cleaner

KUNOKA's leather cleaner is a powerful cleaner for heavily fouled leather. The unique formula of this shoe care does not dry out the leather and cleans it thoroughly. It is suitable for both natural and colored leather, smooth or textured. This leather cleaner removes all loose dirt, grease and streaks.

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