Bold color combinations have become the trademark of Evelyne Van der Looven, our designer. Each trendy sneaker is handmade by Europe's best craftsmen using the highest-quality materials. Each sneaker is produced with respect for the environment because sustainability is paramount at Kunoka.

The high-end sneaker is an ultra comfortable shoe with iconic design for the quirky woman. Designed in Belgium, handmade in Europe. Our sneakers are innovative, sustainable and surprising.


Kunoka's expertise. Our sneakers are designed in Belgium. Kunoka's sneakers are known for their maximum wearing comfort. They have a removable insole, allowing ladies who need orthotics to wear a fashionable shoe without any loss of comfort.  The removable sole itself is produced from memory foam. This foam takes the shape of your foot and provides support where needed. The insoles are covered with chromium free soft calfskin leather. The latter is very kind to your skin.

All our sneakers at Kunoka combine fashion with comfort.

Exclusive materials are used when manufacturing our handmade sneakers. The outside of our sneakers can be made of different chromium free-free premium materials such as leather, suede and recycled vegan leather depending on the model. The inside... Lees meer

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