At Kunoka, our vision is to create long-term relationships between our shoes and their owners. An important element is to take extra care of your Kunoka’s by cleaning, protecting and maintaining them.

For everyone's convenience, here we share tips on how to make our shoes last longer. You will also get to see a selection of all our shoe care products.

Shoe care tips & tricks

Your KUNOKA's are made to last longer than one season. It is important to maintain your shoes properly to keep them in the best shape. Here we share some tips and tricks:

Use your dust bag

Excessive dust can cause shoes to lose their natural color and make them look old. When not wearing your shoes, keep them away from dust by using your KUNOKA dust bag. This also protects them from direct sunlight that leads to color loss.

Give them some rest

It is never advisable to wear the same pair of shoes regularly. Alternate them often enough.

Clean regularly

Don't give dirt a chance to settle in your shoes and clean them often enough. Use our white sole cleaner to make your soles shiny white again and clean the leather of your shoes with leather cleaner.

Important! When cleaning the sole of your shoe or trainer, use... Read More

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