Kunoka's sneakers are known for their maximum wearing comfort. They have a removable insole, allowing ladies who need orthotics to wear a fashionable shoe without any loss of comfort.  The removable sole itself is produced from memory foam. This foam takes the shape of your foot and provides support where needed. The insoles are covered with chromium free-free soft calfskin leather. The latter is very kind to your skin.

All our sneakers at Kunoka combine fashion with comfort.

Exclusive materials are used when manufacturing our handmade sneakers. The outside of our sneakers can be made of different chromium free-free premium materials such as leather, suede and recycled vegan leather depending on the model. The inside of the sneaker can be made of terry cotton combined with soft chromium free-free calf leather, depending on the sneaker model. Of course, don't forget the removable sole that you can easily replace with an orthotic if needed.

Sneaker creations & outfits

For the office or a dinner at a restaurant: A Kunoka sneaker suits every occasion.

Izzi Platform Sneaker

Hit the streets in style with our popular Izzi Platform Sneaker. Opt for the sneaker in various shades of grey or make your personality visible with the bold colors of the Izzi Platform Sneaker Pollux, for example. These sneakers are instant happiness on your feet due to the ultra-light yet thick and modern sole for unparalleled comfort. They all have a lightweight sole that is abrasion-resistant and a good contrefort for correct posture. This sneaker is suitable for the wider foot.

Ari Platform Sneaker

The Ari Platform Sneaker is sturdy yet elegant, classy and cool. The shoe comes in the most surprising color combinations suitable for women with orthotics as this variant also has a removable sole. The handmade Ari Platform Sneaker is also made of the best materials. You can wear them under a skirt or jeans and they will make your tailored suit a bit more casual. 

Stripy Platform Sneaker

If you opt for the more elegant sneaker, then the Stripy Platform Sneaker is a perfect choice. The casual chic sneaker has a sporty yet elegant wedge sole that gives all the comfort. The shoe looks great under both a casual outfit and a business outfit. Want some inspiration? Then check out our lookbook.

Floor High-Top Sneaker

This sneaker is specially designed for our youngsters with attention to all aspects of sustainability. The shoe is made in Europe by a family-run company specializing in handmade shoes. We limit transport as much as possible and all parts of the shoes are sourced from local and certified suppliers. The soles are made of natural rubber. This sneaker represents young people and their future: "The future is ours"

Chloe Runner Sneaker

This elegant sneaker is built on our amazing color blocked sole. The outsole thus comes in different blocked colors which makes them unique. The design of the shoe is based on the sophistication and charm of Milan. Looking for outfit creations? Check out our lookbook!

Sneaker with Exclusive Design

All shoes at Kunoka get their design from Evelyne Van der Looven, the founder and creative mind of the company. Her mission is simple: to design the most comfortable and quirky shoes, produced in Europe with as little environmental impact as possible. She experiments with natural materials and combines them with quirky colors. Evelyne encourages creativity, uniqueness and diversity in all aspects of the design process.

All Kunoka shoes are designed in Belgium and handmade in Portugal. This is how we create exclusivity.

Striving for the best sneakers

We at Kunoka strive to design and make the best sneaker. That is why, for example, they have a removable memory foam insole where the memory foam takes over and supports the shape of your foot. The insole is finished with 100% chromium-free calfskin leather for comfort.  The sneaker features a padded tongue at the front and back for comfort and foot protection. Different textures and materials are used for both the base and the finish. Each Kunoka sneaker consists of 30 different components carefully selected from the best materials. 

Besides exclusive design and comfort, we always choose the most durable way to realize your ideal sneaker.

Production of our sneakers

All our shoes and therefore also our sneakers are handmade by a family-run company in Europe. We do not mass-produce shoes because, besides being able to offer a unique shoe, we also 100% believe in sustainability.

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